Rafting on the rivers of the Urals at different times of the year

Season is determinative for this type of tourism. Experienced travelers know that the water of the same river is not constant. Rafting along the Ural rivers is available from the period of ice drift (from April) to the onset of stable cold weather (September-October).

In spring, during the “big water” period, the rafting is especially interesting: it is at this time of year that the rivers have the maximum flow speed, so the travel experience will be unforgettable! For beginners, this will be a more difficult experience than for experienced tourists. Passing wayward rapids is exciting and dangerous!

In summer, such a trip is more comfortable and suitable for beginners and people with minimal experience in water tourism. The water is calmer and quieter. The abundance of fish and opportunity of fishing in the halts, the possibility of swimming, sunbathing on the stretches, gathering mushrooms and berries in the forest zone make such trips a pleasure. Moreover, this is an ideal time to introduce children to water tourism. Autumn rafting is like spring rafting, it is of special interest to experienced tourists. We would like more people to prefer outdoor activities, especially since the price of rafting along the rivers of the Sverdlovsk region and the Urals is very budgetary.

Let’s choose a rafting route

Water tourism for the Urals is interesting, because its routes run along the rocks and mountain ranges, so rafting along the river can be combined with visiting caves and rocks. For beginners, we recommend a short, 2 or 3-day weekend route.

We would like to offer you a number of tours along the rivers of the Urals and Sverdlovsk region. You can choose the one you like most of all.

Let us tell you about some rivers in a little more detail:

  • Chusovaya River. This river is very popular among tourists. It can be also called one of the most beautiful one. Of course, this is the pearl of the Urals. On the way you will find many rare plants, animals, enjoy the silence and take a break from the routine. River Rezh. It was formed by the confluence of two rivers near the Middle Urals. Its length is 219 km. The banks of the River Rezh are very beautiful all the way: more than 60 rocks, rare plants, animals and birds, wildlife untouched by man.
  • The river Serga. This river spilled near the territory of the beautiful Deer Streams natural park. Its length is 115 km. Crystal clear water flows here, which increases the number of its fans. Forests, caves, rocky terrain and blocks of stones: you will see all this, if you choose the rafting on the River Serga.
  • Rafting along the rivers of the Urals and the Sverdlovsk Region will help you to appreciate the beauty of the rivers, find new friends and like-minded people, feel the real team spirit and mutual assistance, acquire new skills and abilities!

We are waiting for you in our team!


  1. Transport to the river (and back);
  2. Food on the route (cook at the stake);
  3. Group equipment (pharmacy, boilers, axes, saws);
  4. Rental of special water equipment (catamaran, oars, life jackets);
  5. The instructor.
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