Out-of-town excursion "Getting acquainted with Husky. Riding dogs kennel"

During this amazingly kind and informative tour, you will learn a lot about the most ancient and unusual breed of dogs: Husky. You can pet them and play with these fluffy, blue-eyed creatures, and try your hand as a dog-driver.

In the riding dogs kennel you have the opportunity to get acquainted with these northern riding dogs, as well as plunge into the wonderful wildlife of the Urals, the North and other parts of Russia by looking at the photo museum.

The kennel is located in the village of Medny, 10 km. from Ekaterinburg. The kennel provides an equipped track for dog riding, a children's slide as well as several mangal zones.


  1. dog riding in a picturesque snowy forest (circle 400 meters), accompanied by an experienced instructor
  2. initiation into "dog driver" (team driver). Anyone can try it. (18+)
  3. fascinating tour of the kennel with informative stories about dog breeds.
  4. You can pet and take pictures with dogs such as Siberian Husky, Samoyeds, Malamutes, East Siberian and Taimyr huskies, riding mestizos (50 dogs in total)
  5. excursion to the museum of the kennel, tea party in a
  6. cafe and visit to the souvenir shop
Out-of-town excursion
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