Departure on an excursion to the Zlatoust city, which is also called "The City of the winged horse".

Zlatoust was founded in 1754 at the same time as the ironworks and was named in honor of St. John Chrysostom. The highest mountain city of the Urals is located on the banks of the Ay River and its tributaries. The Mountains being rich in ores and gems that separate Asia and Europe surround Zlatoust with picturesque spurs of the Taganay, Urengi and Ural-Tau ranges. Zlatoust engraving on steel today is experiencing its rebirth and is invariably exhibited at major exhibitions and fairs in the world! Today, Zlatoust is the third largest city in the Chelyabinsk region, one of the most industrialized cities in the Urals, a historically established center of high-quality metallurgy. During the tour you will get acquainted with the production of unique products of Zlatoust masters, visit the hall of historical samples and finished products, where everyone can take part in a knife throwing workshop. After the tour you can buy a Zlatoust knife, as well as souvenirs and products made of Ural stones. Lunch in the café of the city. Then you will find a trip to the Taganay National Park: these are kilometers of taiga, mountain ranges and stone rivers, these are alpine meadows and mountain tundra. The ecological path “The whole Taganay in 600 steps”, a little more than 1.5 km long, passes through the picturesque places of the Black Rock tract, through the main natural complexes, which are characteristic of the Taganay National Park. The route is equipped with a bulk path and an observation deck. The Black Rock is one of the northern peaks of the Nazminsky ridge, which is 853 m high, composed of snow-white quartzites. Return to Yekaterinburg. Recreation.

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